100 Day Challenges Begin 4/15

100 Days of Arms, Abs and Legs 

We look forward to leading you through these 100 days from our virtual studio. Challenge your friends, family and neighbors to join you for #dfy100 

Challenges start 4/15

  • Register for virtual challenges by emailing info@districtflowyoga.com. A weekly challenge tracker will be emailed to all participants

  • Every challenge participant can gift an essential worker unlimited access to District Flow's Online Yoga, Meditation and Fitness Library

  • One winner will be selected at random to win a private virtual class with Genevieve, Jackie or Jessie. Qualifying details to be sent via email to participants ​​​

  • We will release one arm, ab and leg move daily for 100 days. Challenge participants do 100 reps of the move for that day. They can do 100 reps in one sitting or in smaller sets through the day

  • You can participate in one, two or all three challenges! 

  • Daily challenge videos are posted on the DFY online library. For access, join DFY as a virtual member for $49/month auto pay, or for $59 for one unlimited month