Lena Manning
Studio Owner

Annapolis business woman who has seen the benefits yoga has brought to the lives of her loved ones. When presented with the opportunity to open a studio in DC, she couldn’t resist the chance to keep yoga in the community.

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Ora Star Boncore
Vinyasa l FIT 45 l Meditation l Yin l Healing Arts

Ora Star Boncore grew up in Northern Virginia with a dance and meditation background, took her first yoga class back in 2013 and completed her 200-hour power vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2017. Since becoming an instructor, Ora has completed multiple continuing education certifications and has taught hundreds of classes across multiple countries in various movement and healing arts, ranging from vinyasa yoga to dance to Thai massage and other movement arts. 

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Ivet Euhus
Vinyasa | Yin

For as long as Ivet can remember mindfulness has been a purposeful goal in her life. This is mainly because coming to this country at a young age she had to be very attentive and always a student. Mindfulness empowers her to stop for the one person or situation that presents itself. 

 Ivet has been practicing yoga for about 8 years now. She had practiced yoga on and off for a bit until she found a deep appreciation for her practice. Ivet walked into a Bikram studio in Virginia and felt for the first time the healing properties of yoga for her body as well as the necessity of listening to her body. Then she discovered the benefits of Yoga for my mind at a FireFly studio in Alabama. Later Ivet discovered Ashtanga yoga, her personal practice that ties in all of these experiences. And the journey continues not only with yoga but with health in general. When asked recently about her passion, Ivet realized healthy lifestyles are her passion, including physical and mental health.  

Ivet went through an incredible training school at 3B Yoga in Albuquerque, NM with Wendy Kiess and some other incredible women. Ivet loves God and yoga and believes yoga serves all people. 

200 hr RYTT certified. 

Dorie Chassin

Dorie first came to yoga in 2014 after an addiction to exercise left her body and spirit broken. She found that yoga helped her cope with all of life’s anxiety, and helped her appreciate the connection between body, mind, and spirit.


Through yoga, she came to accept where she was in that moment and not to “sweat the small stuff, “ ( like falling out of balancing poses :)). She completed her YTT in the fall of 2019 and hopes to inspire her students through her energy, lightheartedness, and love of arm balances and inversions. Namaste.

Instagram: @findingdorie_flow

Trish Tillman
 Vinyasa | Yin | Meditation

Trish Tillman began to practice yoga asana in 2008, in order to balance out the stresses of grad school and martial arts training. She took her first yoga teacher training at Pure Prana Yoga in Alexandria in 2013, completed an advanced yoga teacher training with Hari-kirtana das and Ashley Litecky Elenbaas at Sky House Yoga in Silver Spring in the spring of 2019, and has also helped to train and mentor several cohorts of newer yoga teachers herself. In her non-yoga pursuits, Trish also completed her PhD in History in 2018. Trish's approach to teaching yoga is both iconoclastic and informed by tradition, and has also been inspired by conversations with internationally-known teacher Alexandria Crow. The teachings of bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion, are the core of Trish's philosophical approach to yoga, and you might experience some of these teachings in her classes without even realizing it!

Carley Vitek
Power Vinyasa | Vinyasa | Yin | Slow Flow Vinyasa

Carley began practicing yoga in 2009 and was inspired to start teaching in 2013. She is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher and teaches a wide variety of classes, including power vinyasa, vinyasa, yin, and slow flow. She encourages all students to authentically listen to their bodies and breath while going with the flow.

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Wesley Clark
Vinyasa | Hot 90 | Hot Fusion

Wesley Clark is a yogi, data scientist and developer.  He began teaching yoga in 2011.  Although many things have changed since then, Wesley remains committed to yogic philosophy.  Wesley is a resident of SW and enjoys frequenting Capitals games.

Simone Mishler
Vinyasa | Slow Flow Vinyasa | Yang/Yin Flow and Restore

As a practitioner, Simone loves powerful flow yoga that ends in a deep and relaxing meditation. The best way to handle what is going on in her head is by first exhausting her body.

As a teacher, Simone loves working with beginners who are just finding their way. She tries to keep the mood light because, after all, a pose is just a pose. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Be Here Now Yoga. One class became two, which then became three. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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Lindsay Raymond 
Vinyasa | Bodyweight Sculpt | Hot Power Vinyasa 

Lindsay grew up in Niantic, Connecticut as a multi-sport athlete and discovered hot yoga in 2009. She completed her Vinyasa RYT-200 teacher training in Los Angeles, California and began teaching yoga in 2018. Lindsay holds a Master of Science degree from American University in Health Promotion Management and is a Professor of Health Education at Bard Early College DC. She combines her passion for athletics and health in her Yoga classes and nurtures the mind/body connection. Lindsay’s classes will leave you feeling sweaty, energized and strong!

Meredith Brotherton
Yoga Sculpt | Hot Power Fusion

Meredith found yoga in 2010, after years of doing and coaching gymnastics.  Something was missing in her life after she left the gym. Her sister suggested she try yoga to see if maybe that would help fill the void. Meredith will never forget the class that changed her life forever. The fiery passion she felt in her soul after that practice was unlike anything she'd ever experienced before. Her journey led her to CorePower Yoga in 2012, where she obtained her Yoga Sculpt (2014), 200-hour (2015) and Hot Power Fusion (2016) Certifications.  Meredith is honored to have the opportunity to share her passion for this practice with YOU!  

Ronai Williams

Bodyweight Sculpt

Ronai started her career in fitness 2 years ago with a goal to be healthy not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as-well.  She has training in Muay Thai Kickboxing and Body Sculpting. Ronai is excited to build and elevate with you all and master all challenges.

Christi Sherman.JPG
Christi Sherman

Bodyweight Sculpt | Vinyasa 

Christi started doing yoga as a form of accessible movement while coping with injury and chronic pain. Yoga helped her find functional mobility and healing in her body and she was amazed at how it also brought positive changes to her mind.


Christi wanted to share what she had learned and experienced so she completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 at Yoga District. She followed it with Mat Pilates (2019), Pre/Postnatal (2020) and Group Fitness (2020) plus trainings on yoga for autism, TBI & trauma. 

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Anne Jayanti Harrison
Slow Flow

Anne has been teaching yoga for approximately 15 years with 700+ hours of Yoga Alliance registered training and her personal practice spans 30 years.  Anne’s teaching experience includes studio classes, private clients, kids’ yoga, lead teacher trainer for aspiring yoga instructors and a current adjunct professor of meditation and yoga at George Washington University.  

Anne is passionately committed to creating a safe practice for everyone where the student can work according to his/her physical and mental capacity in any given moment.  Her classes combine some slow flow with a lot of holding and aligning in poses to build strength, balance and one pointed mind focus.  She encourages students to use props as they make many poses available to those who might need extra support in any given pose at any given time.  FYI, she is known as the Prop Queen.  If you attend her class, don’t be surprised if she cues into a cozy, restorative pose on blankets! 

Jack Marsh
Vinyasa | Meditation | Yin | Reiki | Sound Healing

Jack Marsh found Yoga as a senior in high school, looking for a way to exercise and find mental calm during the college application process. He continued a daily Yoga and Mantra practice while pursuing his Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance at James Madison University. Jack works full-time for Yoga Alliance, and is a Yoga Alliance credentialed E-RYT 200 and YACEP. He has taught Vinyasa, Slow Flow and Meditation for three years. Yin Yoga is his newest project. He partners with Homeward Trails Animal Rescue to provide a monthly PuppyYoga charity event at Caring Hands Animal Hospital in Arlington. Together they have raised over $10,000 in eighteen months for animal rescue efforts.

Anna Kompanek
Vinyasa | Slow Flow | Power | Yin | Meditation

Anna's yoga journey started through the practice of asana but grew into a much richer experience that ultimately led her to yoga teacher training in the Dharma tradition with Be Here Now Yoga in Washington DC (RYT-200). Anna approaches yoga holistically beyond its physical aspect and her classes always have pranayama and meditative elements. She loves practicing yoga in nature where movement and mindfulness uniquely come together, and we can feel truly connected to the universe and the Self. Favorite pose: tree! In the studio, she likes to play international music and offer props for practice that’s both energizing and relaxing (no incense). Anna enjoys teaching all-levels vinyasa classes where everyone can practice with steadiness and ease while exploring their edge. She also seeks to balance Hatha with other styles of yoga like yin. Originally from Poland, Anna is by now a Washingtonian through and through dabbling with various creative and community projects.

Instagram: @yantaryoga

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Elle Sullivan

Elle Sullivan (she/her) RYT-200 started her yoga journey as a young person but committed to it as an adult as healing practice for her mind and body. She teaches a variety of formats for students of all levels with the intention to honor every individual on their unique journey. With an emphasis on accessibility, practice on the mat is about chasing sensation rather than specific aesthetics. Elle believes the adventure of exploring strength and balance in our bodies and minds is rehearsal for our continued growth off of the yoga mat. 

Kara Welch

Kara is a scientist turned yogi. Initially a skeptic, she tried yoga in 2009 and discovered a treasure trove of mindfulness tools that has kept her sane. Kara holds space in her classes for quiet, meditative, yin yoga and enjoys bringing her harp as a special sound bath treat during savasana.

Instagram: @kara.welch

Lindi Harron

Lindi is a certified Science of Mindful Awareness 200 hour Yoga Teacher through the Mindfulness Center. She is a heart opener, nervous system regulator, and mind-body connector. She's been a lifelong embodied explorer, practicing yoga for 13 years, creating "good-vibe" stress relieving gatherings for 6 years, and formally teaching asana for one year.


Lindi has a natural gift of making people feel seen, accepted, and empowered to be their most authentic selves. You can't help but feel happy and loved in the playfully sacred containers she creates. 

Paige Miller
Hot 90 | Hot Fusion | Fit 45 | Vinyasa 

Paige took her first yoga class in February 2010 in Falls Church, Va, USA, and went to her 200-hour teacher training in August 2016 in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. As a teacher, she aims to encourage her students to work hard inside and outside of class. She strives to provide detailed dialogue with energy and enthusiasm to help students get the most out of their class. She also weaves in quotes and shares her own personal experiences in order to help students practice gratitude, live with courage, and act with kindness in order to find peace within and make the most out of this short life we have been given.

Barrett Bailey
Buti | FIT 45 | Vinyasa

Names Barrett, like carrot with a B. Pretty much sums me up. I’m a veg head and a gym rat; addicted to all things Health, wellness, and movement. I am a marital artist, yogi, lifter, and runner just teaching and learning as I go. I specialize in Buti Yoga, HIIT, Vinyasa and Prana Pump. 

Instagram: @bsbhealthyyy